To answer one of many questions we get on trapping only.

Why isn’t this a solution if we are removing the rodent or animal from the home?

Here is a few reasons why we don’t offer trapping only:

  • You aren’t solving the long term issue without sealing the entry point and other entry points.
  • You don’t remove contamination or the scents and it only attracts new rodents to infest.
  • We won’t risk our name on something like this due to damages to be had from this and mislead our clients.

Spot sealing definitely can help short term. We don’t normally handle spots seals because we like a long term fix. However we are offering no warranty spot seals to help clients that may not have funding to do a full exclusion. We don’t typically like doing spot seals due to the same reasons as trapping pheromones left behind attracts to new areas due to venting the scent out of the home through openings. And isn’t a long term fix so could risk major damages. Homes always have more than one opening for rodents so spot seal only covers up to 3 spots on the home and usually you have far more.

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