About Us

Who We Are

Elite Wildlife Solutions is a family-owned business that proudly serves our long-time home of northern Georgia. This is our home, you’re our neighbors, and we couldn’t be more proud to serve you. We offer Rodent Removal in Georgia, as well as all of Wildlife removal and relocation. 

Our owner has been in the business as a wildlife professional for more than a decade, helping people get their homes and lives back from unwanted infestations. He knows exactly how to help you get rid of your pests, keep your home sealed up, and return your vital peace of mind.

Why Choose Elite Wildlife Solutions?

Rodent Removal in Georgia

  • Honesty – We won’t ever try to sell you something you don’t need. You’ll get the right removal services, repairs, and prevention services for your situation.
  • Family-Owned and Operated – Our owner works right alongside all of our employees, and you won’t get the runaround from us like you might from an unfriendly national chain.
  • Warranty – We offer a longer warranty than anyone else who does a full seal on a home, because we believe in our work and want to take care of you.
  • Quality – We treat your home like our own, always using the best quality materials and never taking a shortcut.
  • Personal Touches – We offer free deodorizer and disinfectant spray in any contaminated areas with any work that we do, and we offer discounts to service professionals. This is our home, and we want to give back.

Emergency Service

We understand that your wildlife removal or Rodent Removal in Georgia emergency is just that to you, an emergency. Our emergency services can get your job taken care of quickly and efficiently, with your home cleared of pests as quickly as possible.

Don’t delay! Call us now at (470) 304-8341 or use the form on this page to get started on track to get your life back.