Rodent & Other Animal Damage Repair

Rodents and other wildlife can quickly cause damage to your home or business. If you’re concerned about rodents and wildlife causing structural issues in your property, contact Elite Wildlife Solutions today to discuss a plan for removal and prevention of wildlife.

Animal Damage Repair Services

When your home has been invaded by wildlife, getting them out of the house is just the first part of getting your life back to normal. Rodents and wildlife of all types – from rats to bats to raccoons and more – leave behind property damage in the form of scratches, clawing, biting, and disease-bearing waste.

At Elite Wildlife Solutions, we offer a wide range of animal damage repair services to put things back in order in your home and make it like you’d never shared it with an unwanted guest. Don’t settle for someone who only does half of the job! Common repairs that we offer include: Rodent Repair & Prevention

  • Insulation repair and installation – Insulation is one of the most common targets for wildlife and is a breeding ground for disease with their waste
  • Soffit repair
  • Facia repair
  • Crawl vent replacement – Featuring new temp vents that open and close on their own
  • Crawl space cleaning and installation of plastic lining – Keep your crawl spaces clean and dry!

Most importantly, Elite Wildlife Solutions will never try to sell you a repair or exclusion service that you don’t need. We want to take care of our customers and get them what they need to keep their home free of wildlife and rodents and in a proper state of repair.

animal damage repair

Why Is Animal Damage Repair Important?

Wildlife and rodents are nothing if not persistent. You can trap them, get them out of your house, and clean up behind them. If you don’t find out how they got into the house in the first place and prevent them from coming back, then something else will get in the same way and start the cycle over again.


Wildlife exclusion and rodent prevention is the key part of the process that keeps your home free of another invasion coming in short order. With high-quality, professional exclusion and prevention services, you get the peace of mind that your home won’t find itself shared with unwelcome pests and you won’t be stuck with yet another bill for removal and cleanup.