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Please note: We are not an animal rescue or rehab facility for injured animals. We are in no way associated with the government. We do provide free estimates, but we charge for all other services.  We can trap nuisance wildlife for a charge. We do charge a fee to remove dead animals from residents. We do not remove animals from highways or roads, that is animal control or animal rescue. If you have a sick or injured animal on your property you would like removed for no charge, please call animal control for your county.


What We Offer

Elite Wildlife Solutions offers high-quality, professional wildlife and rodent removal services. In addition, we can go the extra mile to both repair any damage done and keep your intruders from ever returning. No matter the problem you’re facing, we’re ready to help with expert services and solutions. Call us today if you need Wildlife Removal & Relocation services!


We know animals move at all times of the day and night. We are prepared for that!


Our team members are as professional as they come! You will see the difference the minute we pull on to your property!

Highly Trained

Our expert team is highly trained and ready for anything that comes their way!

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Repair, Exclusion, and Prevention Services

Getting the rats, bats, raccoons, or whatever else out of your house is just the beginning. Once they’re gone, someone has to clean up the mess they left behind and make sure they don’t get back in. Don’t settle for someone who leaves that job half done. At Elite Wildlife Solutions, we offer professional repair and exclusion service backed by an industry-best warranty to make sure you get your home back safe, secure, and as it should be. Learn more about our repair and prevention services.

Your Hometown Team 

Elite Wildlife Solutions is your number one local choice for wildlife removal & relocation and rodent removal in northern Georgia. We’re your hometown team, happy to serve our friends and neighbors with top-quality service and get your homes back into your control.  You can find out more about our story and what sets us apart on this website, and you can see our full service area details right here, as well. The next time you have a wildlife or rodent problem, call your local specialists at Elite Wildlife Services.

We Serve All Of North Georgia

Just give us a call and let us know where you are located for your estimate!

We are Licensed

And Insured! Our team knows that we can never be to prepared! 


Affordable Pricing

While we may not be the cheapest company you call, we can promise you won’t have to call us back! We are in the business of doing things the right way the first time!


Flexible Scheduling

Our team members work with you. We understand that schedules can be hectic. 

Timely Wildlife Removal

Not an animal in Georgia will scare us away!

One Time Service

We offer one time services that allow us to come out and trap or relocate whatever wildlife ails you!

Ongoing Service

We offer ongoing wildlife management. This keeps you and your loved ones safe from any disease carrying pests!

Client Testimonials

Todd and his team saved my home from a bat infestation! I don’t know what I would have done without them!

Mary B.

We live in the woods. I consistantly had issues with squirrels chewing on wires in my attic. Todd came out and we have not had a single issue since. He will be my wildlife guy from now on!

Sean R.

After paying another company to remove mice from a rental property, I still had them. One call to Elite and my problem was solved. Highly recommend.

Steve S.

Frequently Asked Questions

I saw on Facebook, Google & Youtube I just need to seal the area the pests are coming in at. Why are you selling the total home seal up?

With some builders you have numerous gaps and with rodents they can get into spots we don’t realize they can without a trained eye for this you may not know until it’s to late and damages happen.

Spot sealing only covers up to 3 spots with no warranty, with this said your could have far more than this. The rodents once locked out or sealed out they understand this as home and will search until they find one of the other gaps, if the hole is not big enough they will chew and cause damages, or get into a area not heard and wreck havoc by chewing wires, duct work, and much more. Spot seals is short term at best, long term you have to hit current and future entry areas to eliminate them coming back.
How much damages can one rodent cause if I just used the cheapest solution?

Well over time, once they gain access they may get into a area of the home that you can’t  hear them moving around or scratching.

Here are a few examples,:

Client 4 years ago had  duct work damages. he had no idea rodents had been back until the ac guy came in to do a routine service. Squirrels had chewed through his duct casuing major damages to the tune of $10,575. They also contaminated all the ducts to every other room in the home.


Also, 20%-30%  of home fires have been caused by rodents chewing.

Flyers cause urine stains  that can run down walls, cabinets, and on to drywall and ceilings.


This is not something I would try to bandaid fix!

When "Sealing" the ridge vents or metal ridge caps will my attic be able to breathe still?

Yes, both metal and shingle way of saying seal means to seal the rodents out of your home. Both our products for each one has small holes that still allow air to pass through and don’t jeopardize anything involving venting.

When sealing the ridge bent, can it cause leaks because your using screws to hold the material down?

No, the screws used is the same screws but longer than the metal roof screws. It has a rubber washer with a metal washer over top. When the rubber washer gets pressure it starts to expand covering the holes. The metal washer protects but covering the rubber to not allow weathering to happen. We also add sealant to each screw to ensure proper seal from water.

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