In our line of work, you hear of companies who are less expensive, but we need to keep in mind the reasons they are less expensive.

Most likely, these companies are fly by night companies, meaning they will find ways to undercut competition no matter what. This also means they under perform.

They know they are here for a short time, and even with the flaws in the work, they will keep the customer happy until they can close up shop. Then when you need them again because of sub par work and find out exactly what really happened you now have damages. You then are expected to have to pay well over what the normal cost would have been to remove or correct the work done.

This is one of the instances i had experienced a client of mine.

The next type of “less expensive” company is just as bad. They got into the business inexperienced. They start work without knowing, not sealing up properly not intentional but not knowing the industry.

Another one is just a snake in the grass who is just there to beat out everyone, not do quality work, and just simply could care less as long as they get paid. This is a lot of times the worst one besides the fly by night. They will plaster foam, caulk or anything else on the home causing now more than rodent damages. I’ve seen venting issues from too much foam or caulk, shingles damaged and need replaced due to this, wood rot due to multiple reasons of shingle torn, gutters leaking, and more.

The guy was a great deal less, the job held up for about a year, The customer then had a good bit lower ac air blowing out in the bedrooms. Called the HVAC guy out to discover the reason wasn’t a failing unit but rodents back inside the attic and numerous duct work had been chewed into as well as loaded with urine and face. Tried to call back the company to come fix in and low and behold no longer in business.

The finally called us back out for an inspection to find out they did half the home, didn’t screw down the metal they did install, and list went on. The quote from me and other legit wildlife companies end up being a great deal higher because of the corrective work, sealing what had not been sealed, and repairing the now rodent damage to facia boards.

I say all of this because I want home owners to understand that the original quote from me and the others she told me was about the same that are legit long-term companies to the toll of $3200 which was almost double what they were quoted by the less expensive company. They signed with the guy who was $1800.

Long term now they are in the hole with these expenses duct replacement $10,575

Then my new contract signed to do what i originally quoted and repair, correction, and removal of $6,175

The old companies job to add to it $1800

Lastly we all found out the insulation was highly contaminated, flattened from the activity so we had to do a total removal, clean up, disinfectant and blow in all new insulation which cost them $9,840.

So, with this said they saved up front but due to the less effective route and such overtime this cost them almost $30,000 vs $3,200.

This is one of the better cases. We have seen and friends in the industry have seen not so lucky repercussions of hiring the less expensive route and this is a case we never want to see or hear about again, Of families losing their homes due to fires. Rodents cause between 20-30% of fires, can chew into pipes causing homes to have water damages, and a lot more. The best way to handle the rodent work is very minimum seal 85% of your home of not only current areas but future potential areas to lessen the risk of this happening. In our industry its sad but you have a lot of instances of this happening and losing the homes they work so hard for, as well as losing sentimental items they can never ever get back.

Rodent work is all about making sure you have all areas sealed and sometimes the number isn’t what we want to spend our money on. Homes are a investment we have to upgrade them look at is as a upgrade to protect your family and home from a intruder willing to destroy everything you worked so hard for. Also when we go to sell our homes it is just as important to protect from rodents as termites and is a huge selling point when taking care of this, I’ve seen homes sell 65% or more faster from having this done.

Also a peace of mind. As you will see in the pictures posted is just a few examples from things i have personally went behind, I have stories for days from friends or acquaintances who have shared what they have seen. Its not worth the headaches get your home fully protected the correct way and nothing less. In the long run it can cost more, harm families from the contamination, or worse hurt families from fires or and loss of homes. I cannot stress it enough rodent work is no easy fix, you never have just one hole, you have a animal with a brain that is not stupid and will search and expose these types really quick, or over time when damages arise.

When comparing quotes pictures of findings it’s super important from rodents to entry areas, pictures of workmanship after is super important, compare materials, reviews, time in the industry, warranty, are they insured, and most important do not let a non certified DNR guy in your home. You always should hire someone licensed through DNR and can call and ask to make sure. This isn’t a line of work just anyone can do. So please don’t be a statistic and another story us honorable good guys have to hear about from one more making our industry look bad….