Welcome to Elite Wildlife Solutions


Our company, Elite Wildlife Solutions,  is founded on the belief that honest is everything. We want you to know the exact problem you are having and all your options to fix it. We give you options from the beginning to the end, including financing and different payment options! 



We’re so happy to roll out our new web presence. Watch this space for more updates coming soon about the work that we’re doing, but until then, if you need our services to keep your home wildlife and rodent free, give us a call at (470) 304-8341 or use the form on this page to get in touch with us.



Why Choose Elite Wildlife Solutions?

Rodent Removal in Georgia

  • Honesty – We won’t ever try to sell you something you don’t need. You’ll get the right removal services, repairs, and prevention services for your situation.
  • Family-Owned and Operated – Our owner works right alongside all of our employees, and you won’t get the runaround from us like you might from an unfriendly national chain.
  • Warranty – We offer a longer warranty than anyone else who does a full seal on a home, because we believe in our work and want to take care of you.
  • Quality – We treat your home like our own, always using the best quality materials and never taking a shortcut.
  • Personal Touches – We offer free deodorizer and disinfectant spray in any contaminated areas with any work that we do, and we offer discounts to service professionals. This is our home, and we want to give back.