We offer Squirrel Removal Dawson County Georgia.

Flying squirrels in Georgia reach 8 inches to 10 inches in length and weighs between 4 oz to 6 oz.

The southern flyers can glide up to 200′ or more depending on how high they are and the angle. So, with them you cannot cut trees in order to stop these pesky rodents. The only way here to ensure you keep them out of your home is sealing the house up and ensuring no openings are left open.

The flying squirrel is strictly nocturnal, during the winter they will seek shelter and take up residence in your homes.

Not uncommon to have 10 plus living in your home at once.

They start their movement at sundown storing food in side your home moving all night and coming in just before daylight.

They can move between the attic, and wall voids.

They can gain access to the interior of the home through numerous areas such as but not limited to:


ridge vents in metal or shingle





fallen out of wood in cabins


and more damages

They can cause can be quite costly in areas such as but not limited to:

facia boards

soffit at returns


ridge vents

gable boards


duct work

urine stains


chewed pipes

chewed personal belongings

They can cause fires, and if contamination is bad enough they can cause health issues if you come in contact with them and it is still unclear and rare but this is called Sylvatic Typhus is a disease caused by the bacterium Rickettsia prowazekii. Symptoms are fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, rash, confusion, and eye sensitivity to light.

It is thought to transmit through fleas, or lice on Flying Squirrels in Georgia. But little to no evidence is shown to know for sure.

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