Strip vents are an area most wildlife companies do not think to look for rodent entry. The ones that do know exactly why this is a prime out of sight out of mind area. When houses are built with these strip vents, they use aluminum or plastic that nail or staple up.

1 flaw is both are not even close to rodent proof

2 they are attached by small picture type nails or staples so long term this is doomed

3 at the overlap between where a piece starts and the other piece ends it isn’t attached and is nothing but a dog door and unless you have a trained eye 99% of the clients or wildlife companies will most definitely walk past it.

With us we have had numerous encounters of “we still have rodents and our wildlife guy says we don’t have anything”, only to go out inspect and find either pushed in, it came loose, or chewed inside.

We take and pull the old stock material down clean what we can reach inside the soffit. Next, we disinfect and then replace with our color match strips. If a client wants to switch colors and for example has a dark brown cabin and they elect to do black. This is a nice offset we can do this to, but ours has a lip that if for some reason wood rot happens it prevents it from caving in. The lip also prevents rodents from pushing it in.

The material is screwed into place. This material still allows for ventilation all while being super strong to keep rodents out of your homes.

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