Shingle ridge vents

One of the most overlooked areas on shingle homes are ridge vents. Most homes have these and primary function is to help vent our attics out, or make less work for some homes that have attic fans. Well little known fact is most companies don’t check this, don’t want to or whatever the reason being ends up a primary entry because they seal everything but these.

The way rodents enter is from a few ways. The ways are as follows. Warping plywood under shingles causing stress on the vent causing the nails it’s installed with to pull loose exposing a gap. Rodents then can easily crawl under or push up kinda like a dog door on our doors. With bats they can easily slide under at the smallest gap such as 3/8 of a inch worth. The next way is most don’t know this but the vents are plastic. So when a rodent such as squirrels or rats sense air they know it’s a entry behind this, so they begin to chew and gain access, this don’t take much effort for them being that they are plastic. Lastly the end tabs sometimes are broken by the installer so thus they can easily push through and get inside, or if missing they have zero resistance.

With us we have a solution for this, we have material that covers all the above while still allows the ridge vent to ventilate. Rodents cannot chew through this, and the holes are small enough to keep flying insects out of the ridge vent leading to the attic. So don’t let this area be a crucial area overlooked or not done, it’s always the best idea to seal current areas as well as areas that they could move to and become future potential entry areas.