Have you heard of Rodent Prevention or Wildlife Exclusion? We get a good bit of people asking why we cannot just seal the one area they are getting into? Or why can’t you just trap and carry 25 miles away like the internet says? The reason 99% of the time spot seal jobs end up with callbacks with rodents back inside is this:

When a spot seal is being done the “ONLY” spot sealed or addressed is the current entry area no more no less. So, we can take the rodent away 25 plus miles. Yes, that one specific one will not return. BUUUTTT the catch to it all is they leave a pheromone on the entry points. When companies seal up the one entry point the air circulating out on areas not sealed attracts the next rodent and it is not always the same type of rodent. You can have multiple species inside a home at a time and they can co-exist together, same goes for pheromones left behind it could lure a different species of rodent inside. This time being in an area you may or may not hear them or see them enter into, and the problem with that is it is then too late when the rodent is found being back inside with damages far outweighing the original quote to do more than spot seal.


Rodents chew to keep the teeth from outgrowing and being uncomfortable or worse so this means wires, duct work, facia boards, soffits, ANYTHING GOES, all while urinating and defecating in areas and causing yet another costly repair or clean up. This is where Rodent Prevention comes into play. Trapping only is probably the absolute worst thing you can do, now the process is worse than just “spot sealing” the prime main entry with all the pheromones and more is left wide open. It’s kind of like expecting to leave $1,000 inside a home with a door wide open expecting a thief not to steal the money just because they got caught or the buddies whose friend got busted. It is a dream world and that just will not be a dream come true scenario. With that said we have to lock the house down sealing all current entry areas, and future potential entry areas, trap them, disinfect and deodorize all accessible areas in the home, and allowing us to place the industry leading length of warranty to back what we do.

Don’t be one of the thousands of customers that the legit wildlife removal companies encounter each year by allowing someone to talk you into spot sealing for Rodent Prevention.
If you have numerous areas open, or trapping only, this is not a company you would want addressing some of our biggest investments in our lives and risk the money a lot of us would rather spend elsewhere than finding out these methods do not work and can cost us ten times over what a true exclusion cost.

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We are a company that will only sell you what you need done, with pictures to prove our findings, education on why, and how we will solve the problem. Come find out why we are the North Ga “ELITE” wildlife removal company and home protection company from the pesky rodents.