Wildlife and rodent inspection for new home buyers or clients selling a home:

When buying homes this is one of the biggest investments most will make in their lives. That being said, most only know or hear about home inspectors who check over structure, electrical, plumbing, in or out of codes and so much more.

Another inspector that is out on a lot of these inspections are termite and insect inspectors. Did you know that it is really important to have a rodent/wildlife inspector to?

Reasons neither of the 2 inspectors are professionals in knowing the type of rodent, the contamination value, or how current and new it is. Sure, they can let you know about droppings but this as far as they go.

We as wildlife inspectors go a lot deeper such as damages, contamination damages, is this current meaning new, has this been happening for a while, is this old, has the problems been resolved, and if it needs to be addressed, we provide a solution with a warranty. With us we can also provide a rodent clearance letter if the home is good and clear or if we have to perform an exclusion, we can provide a clearance letter once the home is sealed, trapped, and if any damage work needed to be performed.

We are having a clearance letter this helps the selling process and also the buyer have a peace of mind. Most do not realize as a seller this isn’t something you want to toy with, I’ve seen a $750,000 house have a buyer and due to prior rodents not being remediated the deal fell through and lost numerous buyers, when if the problem would have been remediated the house would have been sold much much sooner.

So there is a upside for the seller to do this inspection prior to having a house listed and make sure this is taken care of and not risk the headache. As a buyer you don’t want to overlook this yourself, make sure to have your own set of inspectors so you can compare notes.

Especially a rodent inspector to. I’ve seen houses where the buyer did not do their part in checking this out. Buy the house move in within 3 months an issue not inspected started rearing its ugly head. Come to find out this had been going on for years and the seller or home buyer did not have this addressed.

The new home owner who could have had this in the deal for the seller to fix before purchase or have in the agreement to get quotes done and take off the sell price was now solely on the new home owner to remediate, and finds out they had more of an issue than just sealing. Which by this time the insulation was contaminated as soon as this was removed exposed wires was found and before new insulation could be put back an electrician needed to fix the wires, then found duct work damages and the list went on before we could add insulation back inside.

Make sure you have this done i cannot stress this enough, don’t be stuck like a deer in the headlights and only have a home inspector, or pest/termite inspection.

Have a professional wildlife/rodent company perform your work and do not rely on anything less. Rodents cause over $20 billion across the United States yearly don’t be a statistic.