Mice In Georgia

Mice The house mouse is nocturnal but can be active during the day depending on home owners patterns.

House mouse can over take a home very fast.

From birth within 35 days they have reached maturity to mate. Gestation period is only 20 days and can produce 4-8 offspring per litter.

They can stay in attics, walls, basements, crawlspaces, and even living spaces.

With nocturnal patterns mostly they can keep home owners up all night One female mouse lifespan is about a year and is capable of producing upwards of 70 plus offspring in her lifespan.

Removal of these critters is really important due to the diseases they can spread which are:



Pulmonary Syndrone

E.coli and so on through bites, fleas, microbes, feces

With mice and rats they can cause a great deal of damages such as chewed wires, with mice they can get inside electrical plugins, feces can damage insulation, they can pull down insulation and so much more rodents can cause upwards of 20% of fires chew through pipes and cause water damages.

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