Wildlife Exclusion on Metal Roofing

With metal roofs we get ask a great deal wondering why and how rodents gain access to a home. If you look at the metal roofs from day 1 of installation it was never meant to be rodent proof, well 99% you may have 1% that has foam blocks that over time they fall out or rodents area able to claw them out.

This area is where you see the gap in between each seam of the roof at the peak. Some companies only install screws on every other seam leaving the ridge vent to be loose on certain seams allowing rodent a even more easily accessible area.

Over time we have went away from the more traditional methods of sealing ridge vents the “tuck and stuff’ method which has a good concept but multiple things can go wrong here. One being you jeopardize venting with adding a sealant or foam to hold the mesh in, 2 hand cutting mesh you can easily cut the mesh to short, and 3 over time the foam or caulk loses its bond and the mesh falls out.

Next method formally used is the “taking the ridge cap off” method, and this keeps them out of the home but not out of the ridge cap area. Over time the can claw their way through the mesh and gain access, but in the mean time the mesh is allowing feces and urine to contaminate your attic ruining the interior of your home or the insulation below. Then the insulation has to be replaced and that can be very costly.

So with us we researched and found a company who made inserts to solve all those issues. It still has holes enough to let the attic vent, it is extremely sturdy once screwed down, it won’t cause leaks due to it is using the same screws the metal roofs use to attach the roofs to begin with, rodents cannot get past it to urinate and defecate in the attic, and the customer can see the work as well as color matched to look like it is a part of the roof. Below you will see old methods vs our methods of doing ridge vents as well as why we do not do tuck and stuff anymore. Come find out why we are the “ELITE’ rodent removal and rodent home protection company in North Ga