Gables – Gables can come in a variety of shapes and sizes Mostly round or square. You can have triangle and the stop sign looking vents as well Most of the time squirrels, birds, rats, mice or bats. With bats being the most called for issue.

You can get other animals inside there as well all depends on how desperate they are With the seal up most, all companies use mesh due to this isn’t an area that mesh can be damaged and most times when high off the ground you can’t even tell it is there. NEVER allow a company to put mesh on the interior of home not for any reason at all not even because cosmetically you don’t like it if you are trying to rid the home of rodents this is and will never be a solution.

Especially with bats this gives them something to hang on and still allows urine and feces to come inside contaminating the inside, whereas the mesh on the exterior provides a block from this. This if done incorrectly and put inside the contamination can be harmful over time.

Never staple this or nail it up only screws for long term hold. If the homeowner request we can paint the mesh but again it wont make much of a difference due to how high up it is.