Crawlspace clean out, Moisture barrier replacement, and batted insulation install:

When Rodents or wild animals get inside a crawl space you have a number of places they can damage.

The biggest is insulation, they know this area can be used for hiding, materials to build a nest with, and warmth. When this happens, they can destroy the batted insulation by urine/feces, or ripping chunks off to build a nest with. Other ways they can damage this is, the more they use it, the more likely it will be to come down and be useless to the home owner because now it cannot do its job of insulating.

We can remove the old damaged insulation and disinfect the underside of the floor if needed and replace all the old insulation. If the customer just needs replaced and no rodents are around we can do this or upgrade and install batted for the customers who do not currently have insulation.

The other damages if the crawlspace has this is duct work, when they chew inside this area where all of our air comes from it becomes contaminated and now all of that contamination can be blown into every single room that is hooked in line with this duct.

This is why it is important to have a house sealed properly from current areas to future areas and everything in-between, because now this is a way it can harm us as humans by airborne contaminants blowing into our living space to breathe in. Other areas are but not limited to pipes causing water damages wires personal items or tools and much more We also replace the moisture barrier if urine or feces are present.

If you do not have a moisture barrier it is a really good idea to do so. Mold, which over time can be harmful, the longer it goes without treatment termites love moist areas and exposed wood so always a good idea to have this installed cleaner look and more.