This can be a prime entry for Mice Rats Snakes and more.

With crawl vents any of the above can wedge inside and the mice and rats will destroy the inside of the crawl by chewing or nesting on wires pipes insulation stored items and more.

They can also gain access to the living area of the home by following pipes or wires mainly but can also find builders flaws and get inside and then this is when we get most of our calls.

Unless a client is storing items or having work done below. What we can do is add rodent proof covers to keep it looking clean or we can do the old fashion way more so which way our client wants.

As well as checking the vent seal and adding a sealant, a concrete putty, or recommend a full vent replacement. We can also do a full vent replacement with more of aa luxury style upgraded automatic temp vent. It closes once it senses to much moisture in the air and opens when it gets to hot to prevent sweating both in which can cause mold.

With these vents they aren’t just fitted in we install them with concrete screws to ensure they stay in place for years to come and keeping them critters out.

With that said, we can then add our cover or mesh to ensure no entry through this area.