Basements are a big area where we find mice and sometimes rats. Alot of homes have drop ceiling tiles that we can either replace or clean up and ad our disinfectant on them to save them as long as we find it not necessary to be replaced and most times, we do not have to replace them more so vacuum them and spraying them down.

Living spaces sometimes require us to vacuum and spray to keep any contamination to become airborne. These are rare cases and only happen in a total infestation that they require the inside living spaces to be done. Usually the other spaces where we are not present usually becomes the culprit of this type of work besides drop ceiling tiles. Knee wall storage areas are usually a safe haven for flyers, rats, and mice. We pull out any belongings clean them the best we can and clean up any hard surfaces and spray our product to eliminate any airborne contaminants from harming us.

Sometimes this is also another batted insulation spot that may require or recommend work to be done to remove and clean it as well as install new. We run across more areas from time to time but this will give ideas of what all we can clean up and spray to keep your families safe. Rodents will get anywhere they can feel safe outside of humans and wreck havoc with damages and contamination.