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We understand the stress that comes with having wildlife in your home or business. When wildlife takes residence, the damage done and hazards left behind can’t be ignored.

As a professional wildlife removal company, we specialize in removing animals and implementing measures to prevent their return. Our team has years of experience in the field, making us a trusted choice for all your wildlife removal needs.

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We Get Wildlife Out in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Comprehensive Wildlife Home Inspection

It all starts with a complete inspection of your home and property. You might know where the animals are, but do you know how they got access to your home? Our inspection process identifies entry points, nesting locations, and other potential wildlife hazards around your home and property.

Step 2

Trapping & Removal

When animals are present, the Number 1 Priority is getting them OUT of your home or business. Our comprehensive inspection lets us know exactly what animals we’re facing and where they’re located so we can quickly and efficiently trap and remove them from your property.

Step 3

Animal Exclusion - Keeping Them OUT

Once wildlife has been removed from your property and any damage and hazards have been assessed, we will identify and seal any entry points animals may use to access your property. From gaps in siding and soffitts to damaged roofing and ridge vents, our team will take the necessary action to keep wildlife out.


Reviews from Local Community Members

Sam Smolko
Sam Smolko
My rat/bat issues have been resolved and I can sleep again. Creatures were keeping me up ALL night for months. First, they started in my crawlspace. I contacted my local pest control company and they added a rodent control addition to my quarterly pest control plan. It helped for a bit -after- my ductwork was completely wrecked. Then, critters moved up to my attic. Squirrels eventually moved in too. That's when I called Todd. He was great. He's very knowledgeable and detail oriented. He was quick and responsive whenever I had questions along the way. He handled what the local pest control guys wouldn't attempt. He sealed up my roof and provided complete exclusion for the exterior of my home. Before and after pics of my ridge vent here. Sealed, yet still allowing air flow. He most likely saved us from an electrical fire too. Worth every penny and I'm grateful!
Miscc C
Miscc C
Had some squirrel activity on our attic and Russell did a good job addressing the issue. We are happy with the service
Clyde Walters
Clyde Walters
I had a flying squirrel issue. After several inquiries with other companies I found Todd. Best decision ever! He was very professional and informative when he provided his quote. One we hired him, he did everything he said he would and solved my issues! I would not hesitate to use him again if need be and completely recommend him.
Jo Hunter
Jo Hunter
Todd did an excellent job. He responded quickly to my problem. He sealed up my house to prevent future problems. I highly recommend Elite wildlife Solutions.
Cheryl Murray
Cheryl Murray
Year after year we have heard critters in the attic. Year after year we have heard many promises to find and eliminate this problem. I am pleased to say I feel confident that we have finally found the right man for the job. Todd with Elite Wildlife Solutions. He knows his business. We told him we had discovered non paying tenants living above us and would like to have them evicted. He responded to our call, sent a proposal, arrived and conquered. He will find and seal entry points to assure no return of these unwanted guests. Elite also does gutter guards, insulation and more. If you or someone you know needs help with these issues give Todd a call.
Jeremiah Cochran
Jeremiah Cochran
Excellent customer service. Generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise. Top quality work. Very much recommend Todd.
Ife Oyeleye
Ife Oyeleye
Had a great experience with Elite! He removed the birds in our vents and covered it without skipping a beat. Would call a thousand times!
Chip Wingate
Chip Wingate
I had tried several companies. I called Elite after these bad experiences. They came in and got the job done. Now I do not have any problems. I recommend them.
Paul Manyoky
Paul Manyoky
Elite took care of our rodent issue. Very professional.

Our Services

At Elite Wildlife Solutions, we focus on more than just wildlife removal. We want to make sure our community members are safe, and that when we get animals out, they stay out. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are educated about the risks and hazards of wildlife presence, as well as the solutions we will provide.

We cover most species, including (but not limited to):

• Gray Squirrels
• Flying Squirrels
• Rats
• Mice
• Bats
• Raccoons
• Opossums
• Snakes

Our Certifications

Our dedicated team has more than a dozen professional wildlife and pest management certifications, including:


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